• Chef Gena at Art House Restaurant

The New Normal

Hey there! With the launch of our new delivery service, we wanted to share some thoughts about what we've seen as restauranteurs, and why we're grateful for your business. Thanks for coming to our site and we hope you enjoy the short read.

Even with over thirty years of experience at the helm of a restaurant, nothing has prepared us for the challenges we have faced since the onset of Covid-19. Between navigating new laws, government programs, and the challenging business environment, it's required a lot of cunning and savvy to keep the ship afloat.

The biggest challenge for Art House Restaurant has been retooling our menu for takeout and delivery. Our core business has always been banquets and a large, at-capacity dining scene, a reality we won't be able to go back to for several years to come. Transforming our ideas, which focus on creative presentation and unique arrangements, into delivery-friendly concepts would be daunting to say the least.

However, we looked for inspiration in the same places as our pre-Covid menu to come up with our "Amélie by Art House Restaurant" concept. We took ingredients, meats, and cuts that you might find at a bistro in the heart of the French countryside and adapted them for our core audience. Duck, fish, and lean steaks and salads are the cornerstone of the new items we've added, and fresh produce and colors are key.

We are still meticulously focused on having the best taste, quality, and value in our food, and hope you choose to enjoy it for lunch or dinner. During these trying times, we appreciate your willingness to give our new menu a shot, and thank you for your patience as we work out the kinks during such a turbulent time.

We look forward to once again hosting you once the dust settles. For now, bon appétit!

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